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Stephanie Roth > Senior Ladies
2002 North Atlantic Regional Ladies Champion

Stephanie "Stephers" Roth began skating at the age of four, when her mother signed her up for group lessons as an after-school activity. She was born in Red Bank, New Jersey on November 23, 1982, although she considers Bradley Beach, New Jersey to be her hometown. Roth now trains at the University of Delware, and is coached by Tracey Poletis. Roth current choreographs her own programs, and she skates for the Skating Club of New York.

The 5'8" skater would like to be able to compete at the 2003 World Championships, since they are located in the U.S. Long term, Roth would like to attend collage as a drama major and be a coach.

Roth likes going to the beach and singing in the local choir, although she spends most of her spare time working, to help her mother pay for her skating. She also plays tennis and roller hockey, swims and rollerblades. Says Roth: "Skating has become a part of me over the years. If I'm not on the ice, I feel incomplete. Like anything else, it has it's ups and it's downs, but in the end after all the hard work, your day does finally come, even if it takes awhile. So, I guess what I love about skating is what most people love about anything else: I enjoy getting my day in the end, when you have that amazing performance and know you've done the best you could."

    Competitive Record
  • 2003 North Atlantic Regional - 5th
  • 2002 Eastern Sectional - 7th
  • 2002 North Atlantic Regional - 1st
  • 2001 Eastern Sectional - 3rd
  • 2001 North Atlantic Regional - 3rd
  • 2000 Eastern Sectional - 3rd
  • 2000 North Atlantic Regional - 2nd
  • 1999 North Atlantic Regional-Junior - 1st
  • 1993 Junior Olympics-Intermediate - 5th
  • 1993 Eastern Sectional-Intermediate - 2nd
  • 1993 North Atlantic Regional-Intermediate - 2nd
  • 1992 North Atlantic Regional-Juvenile -1st

Biography written by Anna; January 2003. Photo courtesy Dave Amorde.
Skate photograph copyright © Dave Amorde. Unless otherwise noted, all content Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.