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Update with Stacey Pensgen by Anna
An Unseen Skaters special. December 12, 2003.

Stacey Pensgen, of Fairport, NY, is the 2000 Four Continents Silver Medalist and finished 6th at US Nationals that year.  She currently trains in Colorado Springs, CO, but competes for the Genesee FSC in New York.  She attends the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  She finished 17th at the 2002 US Nationals and 7th at North Atlantic Regionals this past October.  Pensgen, 21, has also skated pairs, finishing 14th in Senior Pairs at Nationals last year with Derek Trent, although they have since dissolved their partnership.

You have been living in Colorado Springs for a while now.  Who is your coach there?
This past season, I started working with Diana Ronayne.  I thought we worked well together, and accomplished quite a bit since the middle of the summer.

You've decided to cut back on skating and focus on school for the spring semester.  At this point, do you still intend to compete next season?
I figure right now is a great opportunity for me to take the time and focus more on school, instead of focusing almost all of my attention on skating.  I am going to use this time to take a full load this semester at school.  At this point, I haven't decided what I am going to do next season.  I am going to continue skating, and keep my options open.  I love to skate, and I just need to take some time to look at my different options.

What classes are you taking at the University of Colorado?  Have you declared a major yet?
I haven't signed up for classes for the spring semester yet, but last semester I took Advanced Composition, Physics, and Math.  I also haven't been able to declare a major yet, because the degree that I am interested in (meteorology) isn't offered at UCCS.  So far, I have been taking courses that will fulfill the General Education requirements, so when I declare a major, I will be able to focus on the classes required for it, without worrying about the General requirements.

What music did you skate to this past season?
This past season, I kept my short program from last year, which was called "Tribute" by Yanni.  My long program was taken from "Steam" and "Kama Sutra."  I have to say that I absolutely LOVED my long program this year.  It was completely different for me, and it was fun trying to fit into a different character.

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