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Spotlight on Stephanie Sprayregen by Anna
An Unseen Skaters special. September 14, 2003.

Stephanie Sprayregen, 14, is the daughter of a Malaysian mother and an American father.  In the 2002-03 season, she finished 7th in Intermediate at the 2003 New England Regional Championships.  Sprayregen skates for the Vermont Skating Club and recently changed coaches.  She now trains with Tom McGinnis in Boston, MA, at the Skating Club of Boston three days a week and in South Burlington, VT, with Kathy Carey at the Cairns Arena.  Both McGinnis and Carey have worked on her choreography this season.

When and how did you begin skating?
I started skating when I was seven in a group program, and a year later started private lessons.

What are your long-term goals in skating and off the ice?
My long-term goals in skating are to be the best I can be and, hopefully, become an Olympic skater.  Off ice, I am not yet sure what I would like to do.

What are your goals for this coming season? What music will you be skating to?
Because of my coaching changes, I consider this year to be a “catch up year.”  I am just hoping to make it to the final round of the New England Regional as a Novice.  I am skating to a medley from Phantom of the Opera in my short and a Giovanni piano piece for my long.  My only competition this year will be New England Regionals [October 13-18, 2003, in South Dennis, MA].

Do you have a most memorable skating moment that you are willing to share? A most embarrassing one?
My most memorable skating moment was taking the silver medal this past spring at the Coupe de Printemps in Luxembourg where I completed my double axel combination for the first time.  My most embarrassing moment was this spring at Marlboro [MA] where I had a terrible crash and hurt myself and had to withdraw from the competition.

How did you hurt yourself?  Are you back on the ice?
At Marlboro I landed on the ice on my hip while doing a double axel.  I landed so hard that I actually tore my skin and dislocated my hip.  It has taken about six weeks to straighten it out, but I am fine now.

What was winning the silver medal at the Coupe de Printemps in Luxembourg like?
Luxembourg was very exciting.  There were 12 countries represented and the whole setup and judging was like the Worlds on TV.  At first, I was very unfocused, watching everyone else instead of paying attention to my own practice.  As the event went on, I gained my focus.  I started out in fourth place in the short and second place in the long, giving me second overall.  A lot of the rules, including time and other requirements, are different in Europe.  I had to change my program 10 minutes before performing!  The Europeans were very friendly and it was a great honor to represent the USA at this event.

Which aspects of your skating do you feel are the strongest and the weakest?
I am told that my strongest attributes are my glide and speed.  My worst are learning my triples.

What is your favorite jump and spin?
My favorite jump is the double axel-double toe, and my favorite spin is the layback.

Who is your favorite skater and why?

Who has had the greatest impact on your skating?
Believe it or not, my parents have had the greatest impact on my skating.  Their tireless support and encouragement without pressure has kept me going.

Why do you love to skate?
I love to skate because of the sense of freedom and speed.  What other sport has the great combination of athleticism and art?

Photography courtesy of Stephanie Sprayregen.  Skate photograph copyright © Dave Amorde.  Unless otherwise noted, all content Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.