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Message from Shayna Syken (07/11/02) by Shayna Syken
Used with permission from Shayna Syken Online. July 11, 2002.

Hi to everyone. It's me, Shayna, and I'm back again with some new and exciting news. First of all Ice Works is awesome! I am so lucky to be at such a great place and working with such wonderful and talented people. I finally got back on the ice on June 3. I had been basically shut down for the previous two months because of my tibial tendinitis. Not only could I not skate for those months, but I wasn't even allowed to work out. I didn't do too bad because my favorite blue jeans still fit me just fine!

When I got on the ice the week of June 3, I was only allowed to get my skate legs back under me. Uschi had asked my mom when she could start working with me, and my mom told her "When Shayna is ready, she will come to you and ask for a lesson.” That weekend I did a three-day seminar at Ice Works. I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun. Elvis was there, and it was a really good three days.

The next week, June 10, I started doing single [jumps]. On June 12, I went up to Uschi and asked if I could have a lesson with her tomorrow. She smiled and said "yes.” On June 13, I had my first lesson with Uschi. She is AWESOME! I have never met anyone like her in my life. I never knew skating could be so much fun. We started to work on doubles. You have no idea how happy I was! I had been waiting months to be doing these again. On June 20 Uschi had to leave for Germany, and wouldn't be back till July 9.

Tuesday June 18, I had my first lesson with Liz Manley. Liz is so cool, and we have so much fun working together. While Uschi was gone, Liz and I worked on lots of things. Everyone was looking forward to the Fourth of July holiday. The rink was closed and most people were going to the shore. I stayed home by the pool and worked on my tan very diligently. Coming back on the ice after a long time off due to an injury is hard, but everyone at Ice Works has been so great, that it really hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.

Uschi came back on Tuesday July 9. We went through my spins and all my doubles, then we worked on triple loops... I landed two of them, which is great because I haven't done any triples in over three months. Wednesday July 10, we worked on double axels and more triple loops... I landed three double axels and some more triple loops. I am so happy to be getting my jumps back, and they are coming back quicker than I had expected. Thursday, July 11, we worked on triple lutzes and triple salchows.

I have so much fun working together with Uschi and Liz and Lisa [Bell, my choreographer]. I am so lucky to have such talented, experienced, and caring coaches. Skating has taken on a new meaning for me now, and I love it! It’s awesome!

Photograph by Tisa Delavolpe, courtesy of Shayna Syken.  Skate photograph copyright © Dave Amorde.  Unless otherwise noted, all content Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.