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Spotlight on Erin Maddux by Anna
An Unseen Skaters special. February 2, 2002.

When and how did you begin skating?
When I was watching the 1992 Olympics at 2 1/2, I told my Mom, "I want to do that!"  When I was five years old I had my first lessons, 15 minutes, once a week.

Erin MadduxWhat are your goals for this season (2001-2)?
I want to land my double axel clean and skate clean at Southwest Pacific Regionals.  (9/27/01: Since I first wrote this, this goal has changed.  I have injured my right knee and have had to withdraw from Regionals.  I will be off the ice for 5 more weeks doing physical therapy.  I am very disappointed that this occurred at this time.  When I return to the ice, I will have to take it slowly at first, so I plan on working on my Junior & Senior Moves in the Field.  I'm also going to work hard with Mr. Nicks to fix any bad habits I may have so that I will come back as a much stronger and more consistent skater.)

What are your long-term goals, both on and off the ice?
On the ice I want to go to Worlds and the Olympics someday.  I also want to do shows with all my idols.  Off the ice I would like to work at Disneyland and work with children.

What aspects of your skating do you think are the strongest?  The weakest?
My strengths in skating are my spins, speed, flexibility and entertaining the audience.  My weakness is that my jumps can be inconsistent sometimes.

Which skaters do you admire the most and why?
I admire Sasha Cohen.  I see how she practices every day and how it helps her improve.  My skating has improved from practicing with her.  She is also nice.  I also admire Michelle Kwan because she has a good attitude even if she doesn't get first place, and she learns from her experiences.

What person has had the greatest impact on your skating, and how?
My coach, Mr. Nicks, for teaching me never to give up and for his patience and experience.  My parents, for their support and always believing in me.

Do you compete in any other sports besides skating?
Once a year I compete in the Irvine Junior Games, a track meet.  In the past three years that I have competed there, I have won 6 gold medals and one silver.

You used to skate pairs. Why did you stop?
I love pairs, but since I go to regular school, I can't spend enough time on the ice for both pairs and singles.  Since you need to be a good singles skater to be a good pair skater, I decided to take a break from pairs.  I hope I can find the right partner someday.  If not, I would be happy to just do singles.

Describe your most memorable moment on the ice.
I did an exhibition at the Disneyland Hotel.  There was a large audience and a bunch of my friends and family came to watch. I got to skate outside, at night, in a spotlight, and it felt so professional.  After the show, my family and friends all got together at the hotel ice cream shop for sundaes.  It was so much fun.

What motivates you to skate?

It's fun!  I wouldn't feel whole if I didn't feel my feet gliding over the ice and the cold wind in my face.

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